Solar Panels in Oklahoma 2024: Costs, Incentives, and Top Companies

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As electricity costs rise and environmental concerns grow, many Oklahomans are turning to solar power as a solution. Installing solar panels can significantly reduce energy bills and shrink your carbon footprint. With Oklahoma’s abundant sunshine and falling solar costs, investing in solar is becoming an increasingly attractive option for homeowners and businesses alike.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Oklahoma ranks 45th in the nation for solar installations, with just over 130 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity installed as of Q4 2022. However, the state’s solar market is poised for growth as more residents recognize the financial and environmental benefits of going solar.

Oklahoma Solar Panel System Installation Costs

The average cost of a solar panel system in Oklahoma is $28,170 before applying any incentives. Most residents require a 9 kW system, which is larger than the national average of 8.6 kW. However, the actual cost of your solar installation will depend on several factors:

  • System size and number of panels needed: Larger homes with higher energy consumption will require more panels, increasing the overall cost.
  • Quality and type of solar panels: Monocrystalline panels are the most efficient and durable but also the most expensive. Polycrystalline panels are slightly less efficient but more affordable, while thin-film panels are the cheapest option.
  • Residential vs commercial solar panels: Commercial panels are larger, more efficient, and pricier than residential ones. They also take longer to install – a few weeks compared to a few days for residential panels.
  • Roof size, orientation, and condition: Your roof’s size and the amount of sunlight it receives will determine the number and placement of panels. Any necessary roof repairs before installation will add to the total cost.
  • Labor and permitting costs: Professional installation and permits required by your local government will factor into the final price.

After accounting for the 30% federal solar tax credit, the average cost of solar panels in Oklahoma drops to around $19,719.

Solar Incentives, Tax Credits, and Rebates in Oklahoma

While Oklahoma doesn’t offer many state-specific solar incentives, there are still ways to save on your solar installation:

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC): The ITC allows you to claim 30% of your total solar costs on your federal income taxes. For a $10,000 system, the ITC would reduce your tax bill by $3,000. However, this credit is set to drop to 22% in 2023, so act soon to maximize your savings.
  • Net Metering: Some Oklahoma utility companies, like Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, and OG&E, offer net metering programs. These allow you to sell excess energy your system generates back to the grid, earning credits on your electricity bill.
  • Increased property value: Installing solar panels can boost your home’s value by up to $15,000 over a decade or two. While not an official incentive, this is a compelling reason to go solar.

Unfortunately, Oklahoma doesn’t provide additional state rebates or tax credits for solar due to the state’s already low electricity prices. However, as energy costs rise, the financial benefits of solar will only increase.

Key Considerations for Solar Panel Installation in Oklahoma

Before installing solar panels, there are several important factors to keep in mind:

  • Oklahoma’s solar potential: With an average of 231 sunny days per year, Oklahoma has abundant sunshine for solar power generation. The state ranks among the top 10 for peak sunlight hours, even surpassing California.
  • Optimal solar panel positioning: To maximize efficiency, panels should be installed facing south at a tilt angle optimized for your latitude. Fixed, bi-annual, and seasonal adjustments can help capture the most sunlight throughout the year.
  • Professional installation and maintenance: Hiring experienced installers ensures proper system design, permitting, and grid connection. Regular cleaning and inspections will keep your panels performing optimally over their 25-30 year lifespan.

While Oklahoma’s renewable energy climate hasn’t always been favorable due to the state’s oil and gas loyalty, solar is steadily gaining ground. “Oklahoma was kind of like that last frontier for solar,” J.W. Peters, acting president of the Oklahoma Solar Association, told CNET. “A big part of our gross product is oil and gas. And so you’ve got a lot of people that are very loyal to oil and gas.” However, as more residents recognize solar’s financial and environmental benefits, the state’s solar market is poised for growth.

Top Solar Panel Installation Companies in Oklahoma

When you decide to install photovoltaic panels, it is very important to trust people who will do that. Here are the top 7 local companies that can make your home sun-powered for the decades to come.

Sunpro Solar

This company was ranked 2nd for 2021 Solar Power World’s Magazine Top Residential Solar Installer in the USA. They have been working for a little over a decade. To make their clients’ decision on installing solar panels easier, they are offering a 25-year guarantee for their services.

  • Location: 801 SE 59th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73129
  • Phone: 405-730-0139

Radical Solar Energy

Based in Tulsa, this company offers residential and commercial solar services. Apart from installing solar panels, they provide honest advice and assessment of cost and savings that you can expect once you have solar energy in your home.

  • Location: 14060 S Peoria Ave Suite 108, Bixby, OK 74008
  • Phone: 918-900-2869

Shine Solar

Shine Solar is a team of people dedicated to making your bills as cheap as possible. They offer a no-interest 12-month loan and a free energy-efficiency package. You don’t have to worry about your home’s insulation; they do that for you!

  • Location: 4495 SW 119th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73173
  • Phone: 479-279-7765

Solar Power of Oklahoma

Solar Power of Oklahoma is a company of vibrant, passionate people who love helping people save money and keep the Earth cleaner. They offer free solar analysis that you can schedule on their website. You can choose both residential and commercial solar panels with them.

  • Location: 7801 N Robinson Ave Suite J8, Oklahoma City, OK 73116
  • Phone: 405-608-0095

Sun City Solar

Sun City Solar is a company that offers solar system design, installation, service, and repairs. They offer modules, inverters, and a battery warranty of up to 24 years. They also provide a labor warranty that lasts for two years after you had their solar system installed.

  • Location: 2101 NW 59th Pl, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
  • Phone: 405-842-3800

Okie Solar

Okie Solar is a BBB A+ accredited business operating in Oklahoma City. They are also Pearl-certified. They provide solar power for businesses, homes, farms, and other properties, and they offer a 25-year warranty on their panels and inverters. You can request a free quote on their website.

  • Location: 1235 Sovereign Row C8, Oklahoma City, OK 73108
  • Phone: 405-512-2135

Harvest Solar Energy

Harvest Solar Energy consists of a group of people with more than two decades of experience in solar and wind power. They use high-quality products and equipment to make your home or property supplied with solar energy all year round, no matter the weather conditions.

  • Location: 4124 East Admiral Place, Tulsa OK, 74115
  • Phone: 918-521-6223

Each company brings unique strengths and customer reviews, so research thoroughly before making a decision.

Is solar worth it in Oklahoma?

Yes, with the 30% federal tax credit and potential long-term savings on electricity bills, solar is a worthwhile investment for many Oklahomans.

How much do solar panels cost in Oklahoma?

The average cost is $28,170 before incentives, or $19,719 after the federal tax credit. Prices vary based on system size, equipment quality, and other factors.

What incentives are available for solar in Oklahoma?

The main incentive is the 30% federal ITC. Some utility companies also offer net metering. Oklahoma doesn’t provide state-specific rebates or credits.

How do I choose the best solar company in Oklahoma?

Get quotes from multiple installers and compare their equipment, warranties, financing options, and customer reviews. Look for experienced companies with a strong local reputation.

What factors should I consider before installing solar panels?

Evaluate your energy needs, roof condition, and budget. Research Oklahoma’s solar potential, optimal panel positioning, and the importance of professional installation and maintenance.


Oklahoma’s untapped solar potential and falling installation costs make now an ideal time to invest in solar. With the 30% federal tax credit and potential savings on electricity bills, solar panels offer significant long-term financial and environmental benefits. By researching incentives, comparing installers, and considering key factors like system size and panel quality, Oklahomans can make informed decisions about going solar. As the state’s renewable energy landscape evolves, more and more residents are likely to embrace the power of sunshine to energize their homes and communities.

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