Solar Panels in Atlanta 2024: Costs, Companies, and Tips to Maximize Savings

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By Smartpowr

As electricity costs continue to rise and environmental concerns grow, many Atlanta residents are turning to solar power as a solution. Installing solar panels can significantly lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. With Atlanta committing to generating 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2035, now is the perfect time to join the solar revolution. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore solar panel costs, top installation companies, and essential tips for maximizing your savings when going solar in Atlanta.

Solar Panel Costs in Atlanta

The average cost of solar panels in Atlanta has decreased dramatically over the years, making solar more accessible than ever. As of 2024, the average cost per watt in Atlanta is $2.60, which means a typical 6kW system would cost around $15,600 before incentives. However, the actual price you pay depends on several factors:

  • System size: Larger systems generally have a lower cost per watt due to bulk pricing, but the total cost will be higher.
  • Panel type: Monocrystalline panels are more efficient but also more expensive than polycrystalline panels.
  • Roof characteristics: The complexity of your roof’s layout and the type of roofing material can impact installation costs.
  • Installer: Prices may vary between installation companies based on their experience, quality, and services offered.
Atlanta Solar
Atlanta Solar

Financing Your Solar Investment

While the upfront cost of solar can seem daunting, there are several financing options available to make going solar more affordable:

  • Cash purchase: Paying for your system outright offers the highest long-term savings and shortest payback period.
  • Solar loans: Many installers offer $0-down loans, allowing you to start saving on day one with monthly payments lower than your current electric bill.
  • Leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): With these options, a third-party owns the system on your roof, and you pay them for the electricity generated. While you’ll see lower savings, there’s no upfront cost.

In Atlanta, the typical payback period for a solar investment is 6-10 years, after which your system will generate free, clean energy for decades to come.

Solar Incentives & Tax Credits

Although Georgia doesn’t offer a state tax credit or rebate for solar, Atlanta residents can still take advantage of the following incentives to lower their solar costs:

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit: Through 2032, you can claim 30% of your solar installation costs as a credit on your federal income taxes.
  • Net Metering: While not mandated statewide, some utilities like Georgia Power offer net metering, crediting you for excess solar energy sent to the grid.
  • Solar Easement Law: Georgia’s solar easement law protects your right to install solar panels and access sunlight on your property.
Solar Tax Credits
Solar Tax Credits

Optimizing Your Solar System

To get the most out of your solar investment, consider the following tips when designing your system:

  1. Determine your energy needs: Look at your past electricity bills to estimate how many solar panels you’ll need to offset your usage.
  2. Evaluate panel options: While more expensive, high-efficiency monocrystalline panels can generate more power in less space, ideal for smaller roofs.
  3. Assess your roof: South-facing roofs with minimal shading and a newer roof (to avoid replacement soon after solar installation) are best suited for solar.
  4. Consider add-ons: Battery storage systems allow you to store excess solar energy for use during power outages or at night. Electric vehicle chargers and energy efficiency upgrades can further reduce your reliance on the grid.

Top Solar Companies in Atlanta

When considering going solar in Atlanta, it’s essential to choose a reputable installer with a proven track record of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Here are some of the top solar companies serving the Atlanta area:

Solar Plus LLC

  • Overview: Solar Plus is a full-service solar panel installation company based in Atlanta, known for accommodating customers’ unique needs and designing personalized solar energy systems.
  • Strengths: Hardworking team, fair pricing, timely and professional installation, attention to detail, and excellent customer service.
  • Location: 715 Peachtree St NE STE 100, Atlanta, GA 30308
  • Phone: 470-378-1182

Inman Solar

  • Overview: Inman Solar is a full-service, NABCEP-certified solar installer with top-notch technical expertise and a focus on maximizing system power output through well-planned design and execution.
  • Strengths: Expert analysis, competitive pricing, great executive team, good compensation, and quick response times to client issues.
  • Location: 320 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30307
  • Phone: 800-899-5261

Better Tomorrow Solar

  • Overview: Better Tomorrow Solar stands out for their attention to detail, quality associates, excellent communication, proficiency, and cost-efficiency. They offer residential and commercial solar installation, battery storage, maintenance, and sustainability assessments.
  • Strengths: Best rates, quick and well-done installations, transparent pricing, and making solar accessible to many communities.
  • Location: 1074 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
  • Phone: 678-532-1000

Choosing the Right Solar Installer

With so many solar companies to choose from in Atlanta, it’s important to do your due diligence when selecting an installer for your project. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Get multiple quotes: Reach out to several top-rated solar companies and compare their costs, equipment, warranties, and overall value proposition.
  2. Check credentials: Verify that your chosen installer has the proper licensing, insurance, and industry certifications like NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners).
  3. Read reviews: Research customer reviews on platforms like the Better Business Bureau, SolarReviews, and Google to gauge the installer’s reputation and customer satisfaction levels.
  4. Ask for references: Request references from past clients and follow up with them to learn about their experience working with the installer.
  5. Evaluate communication: Pay attention to how responsive, transparent, and helpful the installer is throughout the quote and design process, as this can be indicative of their overall service quality.

By carefully evaluating your options and choosing a reputable solar installer, you can ensure a smooth and successful transition to clean, renewable energy for your home or business in Atlanta.

Tips for Going Solar in Atlanta

To maximize your solar savings and ensure a seamless transition to clean energy, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Act now to secure the 30% federal tax credit before it phases out after 2032.
  2. Size your system based on your actual energy usage, not just your home’s square footage, to avoid overproducing and paying for unnecessary capacity.
  3. Enroll in net metering if available from your utility to receive credits for excess solar energy generated.
  4. Optimize your roof’s solar potential by installing panels on south-facing surfaces and trimming any shading trees if possible.
  5. Combine solar with energy efficiency measures like LED lighting, insulation, and Energy Star appliances to amplify your savings.


Going solar in Atlanta has never been more attractive, with lower panel costs, enticing incentives, and the city’s commitment to renewable energy. By installing solar panels, you can enjoy substantial savings on your electricity bills, increase your home’s value, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

To get started, reach out to reputable local installers for quotes and guidance tailored to your specific needs. With the right system design and installer, you can confidently make the switch to clean, affordable solar power and join Atlanta’s growing community of solar adopters. Don’t wait – the sooner you go solar, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards of this smart, eco-friendly investment.

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